60 Seconds- What's Your Story

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What's Your Story? 60 Seconds is an engaging and powerful game empowering players to create and tell a story inspired by cards. The game is based on an ability to tell a story made up of 5 components - randomly picked cards forming the backbone of the story. To ensure stories are authentically retrieved from our unconscious mind, a sand timer allows only 60 seconds to observe the 5 selected cards and create your story and 60 additional seconds to tell the story. All 5 elements appearing on the cards must be presented in the story.
There are five different types of cards and they are color coded by type. The five different piles are arranged in the following order: Hero, Place, Target, Obstacle, and Strength. The top card is flipped up in each pile and the players have 60 seconds to create their story. Then each player has 60 seconds to tell their story.

There are only two rules:
- Your story must include the 5 elements appearing in all the cards.
- Your story should not exceed 60 seconds.

The winner is the player telling the story voted best by most players providing the two abiding rules are met.
The game can be experienced in several ways as a fun evening with friends, a development tool for creative imagination, a classic tool for self-observance or as a self-expression tool.
Jung's theory, one of the founders of Psychodynamics, served as the inspirational basis for developing the game. Jung saw storytelling as a creation of dream quality, one that opens up the person to the treasure hiding in his unconscious mind. Additional information about Carl Jung's theory can be found inside the game.

For 1-10 Players

Recommended for ages 12-99.

The game consists of 40 cards, instructions, and 5 explanatory archetype cards which are based on Carl Gustav Jung's theory, Jung in a nutshell card and a sand timer.