Les Parisiennes Doll

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A fun group of fashionable Parisienne dolls! Three friends Mademoiselle Agathe, Blanche, and Rose. 

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Size: 10.5"

Age: 1+

Mademoiselle Agathe: A highly refined doll, Mademoiselle Agathe is dressed for a stroll around town. Wearing a powder pink cotton dress and sequined leggings, she has her strawberry hair pulled up in a cute chignon tied with a pink satin ribbon.

Mademoiselle Blanche: Is quite the stylish doll! Wearing a uniquely patterned dress with a large distinctive collar and navy leggings, she has her hair tied into twin buns with satin blue ribbons.

Mademoiselle Rose: Is ready to take on the world with her beautiful ensemble! She is dressed in a tulle sequined skirt and a loose collared floral sweater with polka-dot tights. Her hair is neatly braided into a crown.