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Crayon Stick Valentine


These colorful valentines are the perfect small gift to give everyone in the class or to be given to your own kids. They are sold individually. Each Valentine comes with a 3" x 4" coloring card printed on white cardstock and a multi-colored 4” x 1/2” crayon stick with a Valentine”s message.

There are 4 different messages - LOVE, XOXO, YOU COLOR MY WORLD, YOU’RE JUST WRITE.

Each Valentine is wrapped in a clear gift bag and name tag sticker. No assembly required! This gives children an activity to do with their Valentine and it's a fun crayon to use over and over. Children love seeing the colors change as they draw.

All crayons are made out of 100% Crayola Crayons. Colors will vary slightly due to the handmade nature and melting process of the crayons.

 Sold individually.

*Due to the handmade nature of each product , some items will vary slightly in shape, size, and/or color. These variations make each item more unique and special.


About the company:

Coloring Home is a one stop shop of fun, colorful handmade gifts that bring joy. All crayons are made out of 100% Crayola Crayons.

Handmade in New Jersey. Designed and made by Cara Hanks

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