Jacobo Construction Game

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Graphic plug-in object for creativity without limits: Simply build on it and create ever new imaginative objects, buildings or small worlds with the colourful circles and squares. With the 70 play elements, you can build, plug in, construct and combine whatever you want.

Product details:

From 6 years, 70 components (circles and squares)

Material: robust corrugated cardboard, colourfully printed

Dimensions: components: 9 x 9 cm, Ø 9 cm, packaging: W 30 x D 30 x H 5 cm



Good design makes the difference — even when it comes to the everyday things that surround us. Furniture, home products and textiles with small details, harmonious colors and exciting textures create a particularly inviting atmosphere in the apartment. Every day, you can also enjoy special fashion accessories and beautifully designed games.

Established in 1996

REMEMBER® is a medium-sized company based in Krefeld, Germany.