Koa Koa

Make Your Own Pencil Sharpener


Koa Koa offers you a journey through the world of objects, making a pencil trimmer to discover bevel gears. Assemble pencil size using: gasket, bolt, screw, crank... And pinion.

But it's more than that! Through this activity, you will be familiar with recycling!You have to get an empty can to fill it.

How does it work?
First, remove the wooden parts and sort all the parts. Assemble the pencil sharpener according to the instructions in the brochure. It is divided into several steps: first install the pencil sharpener, then install the mechanism with the crank, and finally assemble the two together.
Find an empty jar 8 cm in diameter (the most common): attach the pencil sharpener to it with a rubber band to collect the skin of the pencil sharpener.

What are you going to learn?
-Different types of gears
-Bevel gear
-How bevel gears are used in everyday objects

What will you find in the kit ?
Wooden parts, bevel gears, gasket, a ring, glue, sticker for decorating pencil sharpener, rubber band, pencil sharpener, foam bracket

Ages 7+

Made in France


About Koa Koa:

Koa Koa comes from my 3 years old daughter who was spending her days asking "WHY" which in French is QUOI, when looking for a name for my company. It's a nod to kid's curiosity. We create DIY kits for the 6 to 10 that are fun, education and useful. Our best seller is the flashlight: we know that kids really use it and that it follows them in all their adventures in the dark during a long time ! We're pay attention to sustainability and avoid unnecessary plastic. Also we're proud to manufacture in the EU, and have our kits assembled by disabled workers in Normandie, France.

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