Mega GLUX Glow Putty


Mega GLUX glow | Luminous Super Putty | Bounce it - Stretch it - Need IT! This handful of GLUX has the standard mind blowing Non-Newtonian fluid stuff of being a liquid and solid at the same time. But, when you charge this GLUX by realigning its micro bits, it becomes a mighty magnet! Powerful enough to defy gravity, lift paperclips and repel a piece of itself.

No one can resist its pull! 45 huge grams!  

Ages 14+ Non-Toxic and Safe.  

*Comes in assorted colors - we'll pick one out just for you. (either glowing green or glowing blue colors.)  


Copernicus Toys for Curious Minds: 

Copernicus Toys is a family-run specialty toy and gift brand. We design activity kits, science kits, games, and novelty products to cultivate interactive discovery and exploration for all ages. 
Made in the USA. 

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