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MENTOR 2.5 Kite

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What can you do with the power of the wind? The Mentor 2.5 delivers high performance power that’s easy to control and incredibly versatile. Pilot a kite buggy, a land board, a paddleboard, or just lay tracks on the beach with the soles of your feet. This kite is a great intro to traction kiting without the complexity and expense of four line control.

With three-line control you can instantly stop the kite mid-flight, put it into reverse and fly it backwards. That makes for easy landings without a helper and a whole new range of maneuvers to explore.

Unlike traditional soft parafoils the Mentor wings maintain internal pressure for optimal 3D shape. At the leading edge of each rib, monofilament profile supports act like springs to maintain the shape of the leading edge for a clean, low-drag airfoil. And after launch the one-way valves at the air inlets allow ram air in but not out, keeping the sail from collapsing for smooth, forgiving control. When it’s time to pack up, open the velcro drain at the tail to let the air out so you can stuff it back into its sleeve.

If you’re flying near water the kite will happily float on water for a minute or more because the wing stays filled with air. That means you can fly (and crash) safely from narrow beaches where your wind window is over the water, plus enjoy body dragging, paddle boarding and all kinds of other kite-powered wet fun.

The third line with quick-release leash also provides a simple and effective safety system- just let go of the bar to instantly de-power if things get out of hand. The kite will settle to the ground while still tethered to your wrist so you don’t risk losing it downwind.

Both sizes come ready to fly with everything you need (except wind): low-stretch Dyneema lines, control bar and safety system, easy-to-pack compression bag, even a stainless ground stake to secure the rig when you need a break.

Choose the smaller Mentor 2.5 if you’re a lighter pilot, you fly more often in strong winds, or you enjoy control and maneuvering more than getting dragged around.

  • Sail Area (m²/sqm): 2.5
  • Wing Span: 105in (268cm)
  • Wind Range: 4-25mph; 6-40km/h
  • Control Option: 3-Line Control Bar