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Wooden Pull Toy Unicorn

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Lovingly handcrafted from natural materials, the Pull Toy Unicorn is a safe, durable and colorful friend for your toddler. Classic and timeless, this little wooden playmate makes the perfect addition to any little one’s toy collection. And did we mention that it drives like a dream! You can even make it extra special with personalization!

Height 7 1/5” (18 cm), 6 4/5” length (17 cm)

Materials used: sustainably harvested birch wood, painted with natural milk paint and finished with linseed oil.

Safe for all ages, developmentally suited for ages 2.5 and up.

Made in Lithuania


About Friendly Toys:

Friendly toys that carry the soothing scent of the forest.

Meet Sigita, Donatas, Saule and Goda. This is our family. Even before our first baby arrived, we were already intuitively aware of the bond that exists between children and nature. That’s why we made the decision to leave the city and move to a place where the trees touch the sky. Inspired by watching our daughter grow, we began creating toys. And as time went on, more and more people began to share in our desire to give their children the joy of playing with friendly toys that were made with nature in mind.

Why do we call our toys friendly? First of all, they are kind to the environment - they are made from 100% natural and biodegradable materials. We use birch wood, natural milk paint, linen string, and linseed oil, which gives the toys natural moisture protection and that unmistakable scent of the forest. Also, they are inspired by our own children, so they come from a place of love. All of our toys are infused with nothing but friendliness and good energy.