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Helmets V2 Doodle Dot

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Keep your child’s noggin safe while scooting with our upgraded Micro Helmets! Available with safe sizing via head circumference, you can be sure that your Micro helmet will be the perfect fit for your little one. Our helmets also come with removable inner fleece padding to ensure a fit that feels just right as children grow.

Upgraded materials and construction include an in-moulded PC shell, adjustable side-locking dividers, magnetic buckle, and a helmet-adjusting spin dial with built-in LED light for added visibility while scooting.

Also safe for biking, you can be sure that your Micro Helmet will go the distance, and last through your favorite outdoor activities. Say goodbye to hot, itchy heads while outside! Our helmets have 8 air vents to keep heads cool.

Now available in 4 whimsical designs, our V2 Micro Helmets are packed with safety and style. Our Rocket, Doodle Dot, Scootersaurus 3D, and Unicorn helmets will surely be a huge hit in your family!

Micro Helmet V2 Sizing Chart:

Extra Small: 46 - 50 cm (about 18.1 to 19.6 inches)

Small: 48 - 53 cm (about 18.9 to 20.8 inches)

Medium: 52 - 56 cm (about 20.4 to 22 inches)



Complies with ASTM standards for Bicycle Helmets as required by the U.S. CPSC

In-moulded PC shell

8 air vents to keep heads cool

Adjustable side-locking dividers

Magnetic buckle

Removable inner fleece padding

Spin dial with built-in LED light