10 Felt Tip Brush Pens - Classic

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Creating a masterpiece was never so easy as it is with this gorgeous and multi-functional felt marker set from Djeco. Each marker has two sides, one for brush-like strokes, the other for fine detail drawing and writing.

We love the vibrant classic colors, flowing seamlessly in one bright, bold palate. simply pull off the caps and color away! The ten colors in the set include: black, purple, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, red and brown.

The colors are easily transportable in a cardboard carrying case. Created in Paris by the talented artists at Djeco, for the artist in us all.

Pack size: 9.2 x 16.5 x 1.5cm.

Ages 6+

Djeco is a wonderful Parisian toys brand, formed in 1954. They create everything from classic wooden toys and jigsaws to stationery and craft kits to spark kids' imagination. There's something for all ages and budgets, from modern dolls houses to stickers and tattoos.