Paola Reina

Baby Gordis - William in pajamas

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Here are the Paola Reina, the most beautiful babybdolls in the world!

They are from Spain and they have beautiful faces. And they smell like vanilla!

Don't forget to look at our "clothing for dolls" section! We made them cute little clothes, they will be adorable.

Your children will love their baby, they will be able to walk them, cuddle them and even scold them!

 The doll encourages role play, both for boys and girls. :)

Hair: No hair

Type of eyes: Always open

Eyes color: light color

Gender: Boy

Type: Baby

Size: 34cm tall 

Subtle vanilla scent

Body: Made from phthalate-free vinyl

Packaging: Loose (no box)

Clothes and accessories for Gordis Dolls collection are sold separately.


Ages 3+ year

Made in Spain by Paola Reina.


About the brand:

About Reina Paola: These lifelike dolls have been enjoyed by children around the world since 1870. Made from phthalate-free vinyl, these babies have a subtle vanilla scent that mimics that sweet smell of newborns. Your little one is sure to love dressing, carrying and feeding their own Minikane baby.