Sonny Angel

Animal Bakery Minifigure

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New minifigures from The Animals Bakery!

Introducing the newest collection of freshly baked treats from The Animal Bakery.

Fluffy and delicious-looking bread transforms into cute animals. These golden-brown fluffy animals look so good, you may want to eat them!

Decorate your space with the sweet and special feel of freshly baked kawaii animals!

6 kinds: Elephant, Panda, Sheep, Rabbit, Dog, Cat + chance of secret!

◆ Weight: Approx. 34~44g
◆ Product Size: Approx. W31~62×H43~56×D44~64/mm
◆ Package Size: Approx. W60×H90×D50/mm

*Product size and weight vary depending on the type of figure.