Animambo Bongo

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Bongo drums are a musical instrument in the percussion family that are believed to have originated from both the African and Cuban cultures. Bongo drums are a pair of drums attached together and played together. The larger drum is referred to as the hembra (female) in Spanish and it is attached to the smaller drum referred to as the macho (male) in Spanish.

  • Made from the highest quality materials and is completely non-toxic with child safe paints; meets and exceeds all US and European safety standards
  • An excellent gift for boys and girls ages 3 +
  • Size: 5x5x4 large bongo, 4x4x4 small bongo, 10x5x5" aprox. drums attached together


Designed by Magali Attiogbé

Djeco have collaborated with famous children's music publisher Putumayo Kids who are known for providing young and very young people with access to quality music played by traditional and contemporary artists from all over the world.