Baby Triplets in Box

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Surprise! It's triplets! Not two, but three baby mice in a box! They cozy up together in their box to sleep and keep their mummy on her toes during the day. Dressed cute & complementary in stripes, they come cuddled together in blanketed pockets. 

Mice measure about 3 inches

Washing instruction: 30 C
Material: COTTON

Age 3+

Miniature toy.


Baby Mice:

How sweet! Look at the baby mice. Their tiny details and adorable little faces make them so fun to take care of. We have plenty of places for them to nap, from matchboxes to carrycots to playpens, and more! There they can sleep safe and sound, and dream of amazing wonderlands and wishes.

When they wake up, they love to giggle, eat, and play. What baby mouse will you choose? One sleepy wakey baby, maybe twins, or even triplets? Babies take a lot of attention, who will you choose to take care of your baby mouse? Make sure you have any furniture you may need, too!

Each baby comes in a sweet onesie with a simple and charming pattern. Our Baby Mice in Boxes come with colorful bedding that is especially soft and cozy, so you can tuck your baby mice in tight.