Baghera Jet Plane Silver


Jet Plane Silver: an absolutely retro propeller plane

Our design team has outdone themselves again with this flying machine! With its silver-grey grille, our Jet Plane silver is reminiscent of aircraft from the first half of the 20th century. A few colourful details complete the vintage look: the pilot's helmet is red, while the number 3 on the side of the body is trimmed in blue, white and red. Retro and chic in every detail, a real hit.


Endless adventures with the Baghera toy plane

Thanks to this little Baghera plane, your child will have some amazing experiences: quick take-off, emergency landing (or even ditching, who knows!), going through turbulence, etc. 

Its metallic grey propellers rotate, of course, to make it even more fun to play with. 

Made of ABS, an extremely strong material, our plane is not afraid of crashes!
Attention parents: the jet plane can be taken anywhere. In a pushchair or in a handbag, it allows you to give your child a toy as soon as he starts to get bored. Phew!


And when it comes to decorating, what can we say?

It's good to keep a little bit of childhood when you're grown up! 

So why not treat yourself to a Jet Plane to liven up your decor? Lacquered and polished by hand, it will find its place in a library, on a shelf, or in a bedroom, as well as in an office or a living room. Alone or as part of a collection, it will easily find its rightful place. The advantage of retro is that it is timeless and always in good taste. So it fits in with any style.


Birthday coming up? Give him a Jet plane!

Available in silver or blue, our jet plane makes a great birthday present for young and old pilots alike! The quality of our finishes will satisfy parents while the solidity of our aircraft ensures a long life for the toy, to the delight of kids.

But be careful though, we can't guarantee that they will agree to lend you their new plane!

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