Baghera Racing Car Red

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Red Racing Car: stunts don't scare it

Made of ABS, a particularly strong material, our racing cars are impact resistant. And that's just as well, because small cars are not usually immune to small children. Crashes, falls, off-road tracks - we know it'll be tough.


A delightfully retro little toy car

Our design team has gone to great lengths to create a little gem for you. With its streamlined lines and big wheels reminiscent of old racing cars from the 1930s (a Maserati 8CF for example, to continue with the red theme), our Racing Car is the ultimate vintage little car! Even the helmet on the little driver's head is in the theme.


Anti-boredom weapon activated for children...

Our red racing car, like all small cars, is the best anti-boredom tool for children and parents! 

It can be carried in one hand, in a small bag or in a pushchair, so it can go everywhere with you: from the paediatrician's waiting room to a restaurant. 

This toy will stimulate your child's imagination, concentration and motor skills. 

Moreover, you can play alone or with others, with one or a hundred cars, of all materials, of all sizes, the only thing that matters is the PLAY.


... and perfect decoration for adults

The toy car is one of the few toys that continue to appeal as you grow up. A 1-year-old child can be as fascinated as a 60-year-old adult. 

The only difference is the use you make of them (although after all, who said that adults couldn't play with a toy car anymore?) 

Anyway, our red Racing Car, alone or with our other Racing Cars, will make wonderful decoration in a window or on a shelf, in an office or in a living room.