Lucky Boy Sunday

Beauty Baby

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Hello, my name is Beauty Baby.. I'm the prettiest baby alive, so if you also have a nice baby... -I'm sure we could become best friends.

Best Friends Collection

Knitted in 100% baby alpaca with synthetic filling

Wash at 30°C wool cycle and dry flat

Made in Bolivia

21" tall


About the company:

LUCKYBOYSUNDAY is a brand of contemporary luxury knitted art toys and soft furnishings for the home. Our focus is top quality combined with edgy loud speaking design.

The brand was founded in Copenhagen in 2007 and is now sold in more than 35 countries around the world. We produce our collections with care and responsibility.

“ We think everyone should have a best friend, so that's what we aim to design and give people. Small or big, there's one for everyone. ”

All of LUCKYBOYSUNDAY’s knitted designs are manufactured in Bolivia, where alpaca have been bred for their precious wool for centuries. All items are knitted in cooperatives working under the fair trade principle by very talented women and men, using only the highest grade wool, which is as valuable and as soft as cashmere.

Our faux fur friends are of course made in a real teddy factory in China, where the Chinese attention to perfection, quality, and details makes our plush friends come true. "Our close relation and visits to our Chinese factories makes it possible to understand each other and create together - even though we live worlds apart.”

And our cute little rugs are hand tufted in India. "We have worked several years with this amazing family owned factory in the holy city of Varanasi. Maybe that's how they manage to catch the spirit of our designs so well?”

“ The Bolivian knitters make our dreams come alive ”