Blots Stress Balls

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Squeezable, stretchable, silky soft stress relief.

Meet Blots, the softest silicone stress balls ever made. In three ergonomic shapes that fit perfectly in any palm, there may not be any more satisfyingly squeezable desk toy.
Materials: 100% premium silicone

100% silicone, latex free: Shockingly soft, silky and skin safe, we made Blots from the softest silicone we could find, ensuring they retain their unique shapes while staying smooth to the touch. Blots are completely latex free.

Find your favorite: Splotch has 6 arms to grip between your fingers and gives a stress relieving squeeze. Splatter has 30+ arms to twist, twirl and tweak. Slammer is wonderfully weighted for that satisfying smack. Perfectly ergonomic shapes, designed with your hands and mind.


Ages 8+