CATERPILLAR Small Wheel Excavator

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  • This Caterpillar Excavator is wheeled for use on concrete or asphalt! Realistic details include sculpted rubber wheels, an easy-to-use shovel arm with removable bucket that is operated with a handle, a cab that rotates 360 and a hood that opens to reveal the ventilator grill.
  • Realistic features include a mobile excavator with articulated steering on the boom for easy maneuverability in tight spaces
  • Size: 44.0 cm × 17.0 cm × 27.0 cm (approx. 17.3 inches × 6.7 inches × 10.6 inches)
  • The excavator arm can be used way beneath the level of the vehicle, allowing for versatile tasks like drainage work
  • Equipped with stabilizer legs for safe and stable operation
  • Stabilizer legs provide stability during operation, and the boom can be locked in a compact transport position for easy road traffic. Suitable for indoor and outdoor play, this toy has received the prestigious Spiel Gut Award for its exceptional design and quality

Made in Germany


Ages 4+