Sonny Angel

Creatures Series, Sonny Angel + Donna Wilson

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Sonny Angel x Donna Wilson Collaborative Series!

Limited Series.

The Sonny Angel exclusive collaborative Creatures Series with the world renowned textile designer, Donna Wilson, is back in stock!

The Sonny Angel Creatures Series brings you 12 unique figures designed with British designer Donna Wilson, known for her curious creatures made of wool.

This collaborative series can be described as a place where patterns and colors collide to create adorably odd and truly one of a kind Sonny Angel figures. This series is a must have for any Sonny Angel collector or Donna Wilson lover! ♪

The charm of both Donna Wilson's Creatures and Sonny Angel are combined into one unique series. Donna Wilson's playful and unique design creates a cute, slightly surreal, and witty collector's item.

  • 1 SEALED BLIND BOX - you will receive 1 sealed blind box of Sonny Angel Creatures Series - Donna Wilson Collection

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