Donna Wilson


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Hi, I’m Digby. I like chorizo sausages and dislike guinea pigs.

Digby Dog is made from 100% lambswool stuffed with recycled polyester stuffing, and is suitable for ages 3+.

We knit all of our creatures in the UK using the softest yarns. Each one is assembled and embroidered by hand – you can find the name of each creature’s maker on its cardboard tag. 


Dimensions:  36 cm high


Donna’s Story:
Welcome to the woolly world of Donna Wilson, a place where pattern and colour collide, and the imagination is free to run wild. Donna Wilson is an award-winning designer. Raised on her family's farm in the north-east of Scotland, Donna’s designs are infused with her love of nature and a life-long passion for textiles, craft and making.

Our lambswool creatures are made by hand in the UK.
We knit the panels of yarn used to make our creatures using domestic knitting machines in our London studio. These are then washed to felt the fabric, dried, pressed and sent to our team of outworkers across the UK – that’s Elaine, Laura, Kate and Genna. Elaine who lives in Orkney, a small island to the north of Scotland, has made over 3,000 Cyril Squirrel Foxes over the years! And not to forget our talented seamstress Lora, who makes a whole host of creatures in our studio.
They’re all assembled and embroidered by hand, which means that they are all perfectly imperfect – there are never two exactly the same, and each outworker adds a little dash of their own personality to them.

How to wash a lambswool cushion:
Our lambswool cushions are dry clean only. You should treat any soils or spills as soon as possible, soaking up any excess liquid. Dab the soiled area with cold water – do not rub as this may spread the stain and will agitate the woollen fibres. Allow to dry naturally, away from heat.