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Dinkum Dogs - Vet Set

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Paging aspiring Dinkum Dog doctors! Step into a world of imaginative play where plush friends are in safe paws.

From Dinkum Dogs to Cozy Dinkums with sniffles, the Vet Set is equipped for all cuddly critter checkups. Foster creativity and imagination while exploring the world of care, kindness, and endless fun.

Open the latch on the cardboard Vet case to find everything you need to nurse Dinkum Dogs back to health. Kiddos will love the magnetic wood thermometer, stethoscope, syringe, and ointment tube, plus sticky velcro fastens the felt bandages and buster collar. Make notes on the medical records notepad and diagnose boo-boos with the patient cards. The wood accessories are constructed with the same magnetic element that allows the Dinkum Dogs to hold their favorite bone in their mouth.

Whether your child dreams of becoming a vet or simply adores their furry pals, our Vet Set brings smiles, giggles, and a whole lot of puppy love!


  • Vet Set includes a magnetic thermometer for Dinkum Dog to hold in their mouth, wooden stethoscope, wooden ointment tube, wooden syringe, wooden thermometer, x2 felt bandages, buster collar, diagnostic cards, and medical records notepad.
  • Cardboard vet bag fastens with a metal latch
  • Metal carry handle
  • Bandages and buster collar fasten with velcro
  • Stethoscope crafted from wood and cord
  • Magnetic elements made to play with the Dinkum Dogs
  • For ages 3+


  • Vet bag dimensions: L 7.8” x W 7.6” x H 3.5”
  • Wood syringe dimensions: L 5.3" x W 1.1”
  • Wood ointment dimensions: W 1.1” x H 4.1”
  • Wood thermometer dimensions: L 3.7” x W 0.7”
  • Stethoscope dimensions: L 19.6” x W 14”
  • Felt bandage dimensions: L 5.9” x W 0.9”
  • Buster collar dimensions: Made to fit a Dinkum Dog

Weight: 1.1 lb