Petit Collage

Dogscapades: A Barking-Mad Game All About Dogs

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Calling all dog lovers! This action-packed game all about our furry friends will keep you on your toes. Test your dog knowledge and act out all things dog related as you move your canine character around the board.

Can you bark like a happy dog? Can you chase your tail like a puppy? Be the first to reach the finish line to win the game! Perfect for families, friends, and dog lovers, it's suitable for ages 4+, 2–4 players, has an average 15 minute gameplay, and includes English/French/Spanish instructions and game cards. The wooden character pieces and die are created using FSC-certified wood. The packaging, game board, and game cards are printed on FSC paper using vegetable inks.

WHAT'S INSIDE: 150 game cards (50 per language - English, French, Spanish), 4 wooden dog character pieces, 1 illustrated game board, 1 wooden die.