Fleks Magnetic Silicone

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Meet Fleks, the world’s first magnetic silicone desk toy. satisfyingly soft to the touch, the 8 pieces combine to make over a million different shapes. stretch your imagination with endless ways to play and create.

Fleks magnetic building set.

Each set of fleks has 8-pieces that combine the softest silicone with super strong magnets. Every end has a rare earth magnet to connect in a never ending range of shapes. Share with anyone 14+ – or keep ‘em for yourself, we won’t tell!


What will you build?

Use the base to make a zen garden for your desk. Go off roading and make spherical shapes that can live all on their own. Whatever your path, Fleks are never ending fun!

Gift guide approved.

Need a gift as unique as the receiver? Fleks has you covered. They come in a perfectly giftable box complete with a starter guide and metal building base.

Digital detox.

Taking a break from the screen during the workday improves productivity and focus. Unplug for a minute and flip fleks around in your palms for a dose of zen.

Magnets in every end.

Each magnet has a positive or negative magnet to build intricate designs and shapes. If the magnets aren’t sticking, flip ‘em around and try the other end!


fleks safety

fleks meet all safety standards and are safe when used properly by teens and adults ages 14 years and older. do not try to rip or break pieces. If a magnet becomes loose or the silicone is damaged, make sure to find any loose magnets and discard immediately.

WARNING: Keep Away From All Children! Do not put near or in nose or mouth. Swallowed magnets can pinch and stick together across intestines causing serious injury or death. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed or ingested.

Ages 14+