Hovers Trains

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Hovers Trains are crafted from contemporary shapes and painted in bright colors—a simple design that celebrates locomotives and the innovation, perseverance, and creativity they brought to the world. Join the train engines and cars by their embedded magnetic connectors to create your own playful arrangements.

Recommended for ages 6 and up.


Material: Superba wood
Each piece ranges from 1.2 – 4 in



Designer and artist Floris Hovers has built up a colorful, playful and surprising oeuvre over the past sixteen years with a completely unique signature. Floris Hovers graduated from the Design Academy and has since been an independent designer of a wide range of products: toys, furniture and other interior products and unique items. His designs are produced and marketed by himself or by reputable producers.With his autonomous work, prototypes, miniatures and product designs, Floris Hovers invites you time and again into his almost perfectly simple world where there is plenty of room for your own imagination as an observer. Floris Hovers