Moulin Roty

Le Jardin Du Moulin Botanist Case


This Botanist Case includes one Flower Press, a Magnifying Glass, one Notebook and three whimsical boxes to preserve tiny treasures! Packaged in a tan and green case, perfect for toting a botanical collection.

Size: 12"x8.5"x3.5"

Age: 6+


Le Jardin Du Moulin! Discover the wonders of nature in all its states.

In a world illustrated with watercolors, rich in colors and funny animals, the Jardin du Moulin offers everything needed to initiate toddlers to the discovery of nature, through all seasons. They will be able to become botanists by observing and playing with the fauna and flora, to put their hands in the earth to discover the secrets of fruits and vegetables by becoming gardeners or finally to put themselves in the shoes of an explorer by leaving to discover new horizons! A collection that offers real tools to put into practice its know-how in the garden, but also edutainment games to deepen its knowledge of nature and the world around us! Discover all the treasures of nature with the eyes of a child!


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