Make A Flinger Bot


Build this Rube Goldberg-like contraption to fling objects with abandon. This kit has hands-on learning about everything from hydraulics to propellers. Boing! Fling! Wow! Bonus--building models reduces stress, increases organizations, focus, and fine motor skills.


  • This curious wood catapult kit must have been designed by one demented engineer!
  • This scaled down catapult will definitely differentiate you from all the other 'animals' in the office cubical farm (or at least keep them temporarily at bay!).
  • The FlingerBot includes gears, hydraulics and a propeller for all your catapulting needs.
  • The FlingerBot launches fun with every press of its plunge.
  • Includes 78 pieces. No batteries required.



For ages 8+.

Size Box: 12.95 x 8.27 x 2.13 inches


Copernicus Toys for Curious Minds:

Copernicus Toys is a family-run specialty toy and gift brand. We design activity kits, science kits, games, and novelty products to cultivate interactive discovery and exploration for all ages.

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