Prism Kites

Mantis Single Line Mojito

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Celebrate your spot in the landscape with a brilliant flying sculpture visible from far away. The Mantis stands out from the crowd with a unique shape and stunning graphics. With a broad wing and long tail this kite melds the aerodynamics of diamond and delta kites. In a steady breeze it soars.

It’s simple to assemble (just connect three rods) and folds into a light, compact sleeve for travel. Includes an easy-to-use hoop winder with braided polyester flying line for long life and minimal tangles.

Packaged Weight: 0.6875 lbs
Packed Size: 32.5 × 5.5 × 1 in
Kite Sizes: 48" x 34" (122 x 86 cm)
Wind Range: 4 – 25 mph (6.5 – 40 kmh)
Flying Lines: 200' x 50 lbs Polyester (61 m x 22.5 kg)

Color: Mojito