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Neutrino Stunt Kite-Dual-Line Framed

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Dual-Line Framed Kites.

Challenge yourself with precision aerobatics. Super fast, super responsive, super fun!

There’s a new little speed demon on this side of the galaxy! The all-new Neutrino is super quick and super responsive – a twitch of the fingertip is all it takes for radically fast loops and spins as it rips through the sky. It’s a clean sheet redesign of the world famous Micron, with a bunch of new features for all kinds of new fun.

Snap on the long streamer tail to trace acrobatics in the sky. Ready for an extra challenge? Try flying single-handed with the dual-purpose winder/control handle. Can you fly one kite in each hand?

When you really want to impress a crowd, clip two, three or more Neutrinos together in a synchronized stack. 

Packaged Weight: 0.4375 lbs
Packed Size: 31.5 × 5.5 × 1 in
Wing Span: 39" (100 cm)
Wind Range: 5 – 25 mph (8 – 40 kmh)
Frame: Pultruded Carbon
Sail: Ripstop Nylon, Mylar Laminate
Flying Lines: 75' x 50 lbs Dyneema® (23 m x 22.7 kg)


Can a beginner fly the Neutrino?

Yes. A motivated beginner can learn to fly it in medium winds if they can keep their hands together and use small wrist movements for control. The long streamer tail slows the kite a bit and makes it much easier to track as you steer. The longer lines (75’ vs the Micron’s 50’) also give you more time to react. You’ll crash more often as you learn, but the solid carbon frame is tough enough to take plenty of hits without breaking.

How do I stack more than one Neutrino?

Stacking is easy with four parallel stack lines that run between the spreader fittings. Each stack line clips to the leading edge with a special clip so attaching additional kites is a snap. Stacker kites are not available at the moment, please contact us for more information.