Honey Babe Clothing

Organic Swaddle

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  • Muslin swaddle blanket, made of premium organic cotton.
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly 
  • Muslin is fine and loosely woven fabric, making it incredibly soft and breathable for your little one.
  • Great for a tight swaddle, while still allowing your baby to comfortably regulate their temperature without overheating. Muslin organic cotton provides the best quality of material to swaddle your baby giving them the hug they deserve.
  • 47 in X 47 in  
  • Care instructions: machine wash cold with mild detergent. Low tumble or air dry. Avoid fabric softener


About Honey Babe Clothing:

Honey Babe Clothing is a woman-owned company that creates bamboo basics made of sustainable, eco-friendly materials carefully designed and sewn in the USA. The perfect mix of bamboo and 100% cotton makes our clothes incredibly soft to the touch and provides the perfect amount of comfort. Bamboo fabric is also naturally lightweight, UV resistant, and has unique antimicrobial properties that helps protect from bacteria and fungi, making it safe, breathable, and perfect for all times of the year.