Prism Kites

Pica Single Line Sunrise

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Our fresh, modern take on the classic diamond kite. With a long flowing tail, that’s pure delight. It folds up tiny to take to the farthest ends of the earth, but looks so good you’ll want to hang it on the wall when you’re stuck in the city. The spars are connected with bungees to just snap into place like tent poles. No parts to lose – hooray! Flies eagerly in a wide range, and includes a matching hoop winder with braided line that clips right into the pouch.

Packaged Weight: 0.375 lbs
Packed Size: 19 × 4 × 1 in
Kite Sizes: 36" x 37" (91.5 x 94 cm)
Wind Range: 4 – 25 mph (6.5 – 40 kmh)
Flying Lines: 200' x 20 lbs Polyester (61 m x 9 kg)

Color: Sunrise