Little Gestalten

Smart Animals

Our human brains have taken us all around the globe, and even into space… But we are not the only clever creatures on the planet. Some animals are so smart that we don’t even know the extent of their intelligence. How do some animals play? How do they use tools? How do they solve problems? How do they communicate? How do their memories work? Do they feel emotions like we do?


Smart Animals features octopuses navigating mazes, rats outsmarting lab experiments, dolphins naming each other, orangutans solving riddles, elephants holding a grudge for decades, and many more. Get ready for the most marvelous and mind-blowing masterminds from our animal kingdom!


Authors: Michael Holland, Illustrations by Daniela Olejníková
Release date: June 2023
Format: 24 × 28 cm
Features: Full color, hardcover, stitch bound, 64 pages

Michael Holland studied Ecology at Lancaster University and Oregon State University and is a keen photographer, wildlife gardener and all-round composting nerd! He is the author of the bestselling title, I Ate Sunshine for Breakfast and this is his first book about animals.


Slovakian Illustrator Daniela Olejníková is passionate about screenprinting and linocut and has illustrated more than 20 titles for junior readers. Strokes of stylus, and colors layered and overprinted are her most significant methods of illustrating, same as simple shapes combined with patterns and textures. She is living in Bratislava. After illustrating the bestseller In Great Numbers, this is her second book with Little Gestalten.

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