Spring Celebration Ballet Doll

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Lottie loves to dance and is really excited to be performing in the Spring Celebration Ballet at The Old Theatre. Lottie works hard to prepare and practises for hours on end to perfect her dance steps, including pirouettes and arabesques. Will the performance be a success? Will Lottie remember all her dance steps? 

Her adorable ballet outfit - including a layered tutu, sequined leotard and pretty ballet shoes – is perfect for performances


What's in the box ?

Super cute ballet doll with brown hair and brown eyes 

Wearing doll clothes: Sequin leotard, 3-layer tutu, Ballet tights , Ballet shoes.

Rose-trimmed drawstring bag


Lottie Dolls' Tech Spec

  • Seven characters in Lottie Dolls’ collection with different skin, hair and eye colours
  • Brand aim to empower kids regardless of gender, ability, ethnicity or interests
  • Toy themes reflect typical yet aspirational childhood activities 
  •  Ball jointed dolls with bendable knees, easy to pose for imaginative play
  •  Premium saran nylon hair, soft to touch and reduced tangle
  •  Phthalate free vinyl plastic doll, super-soft feel
  •  Dolls’ bodies based on kids’ proportions not (unrealistic) adult ones
  •  Doll clothes made in vibrantly coloured tactile fabrics
  •  Close attention paid to tiny details - buttons, linings, stitching - that make kids' toys special 
  •  All doll clothes fit girl dolls and boy dolls 
  •  With removable doll shoes, dolls are able to stand
  •  Loved by and suitable for kids of all ages, from 3 years +

Small and cute, just 7.5”/18cm, Lottie Dolls make perfectly portable childhood companions!