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Whirl-O is back with a sleek new design and color morphing top! Give it a whirl to launch the top into the air! Use the magnets to pick it up and flip it back onto the rails. Get creative with your own tricks!

A classic tin toy, magnetic top performs gravity defying stunts

Color Morphing Top changes colors right before your eyes

Combine the principles of popular retro playthings like the yoyo and top, this spinning hand-held toy works on magnetic and centrifugal force.

Whirl it along the tin rails to see the colors morph and hear the hypnotic whirring sound.

Perform Fun Tricks, bump it on a table to launch the top, and pick it up again

Fun birthday gift, Christmas present, stocking stuffer, Easter basket stuffer, or unique party favor.


Ages 5+


*Comes in assorted colors - we'll pick one out just for you.