Mora Play

Wooden Bow & Arrows Set

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We are not warlike but a bow and arrow contributes to symbolic play and children development. six arrows included.


• Dimensions: 37.4″ (95 cm)

• Weight: 1 lb (453.6 g)

Recommended age +6 


This bow and arrow set is not recommended for children younger than the age of 5. Smaller children don't have the required skills for appropriate use and might hurt themselves (or others).


About Mora Play:

Mora Play was founded in spain in the 1940's and since then has been creating traditional wooden focused on slow play. their toys are made of natural materials and unites generations of children, parents and grandparents through play. 

We are to product fun that lasts and one generations. We are here to promote a healthy, natural and traditional game . We are here because we don't want everything to go so fast . We are here because we want to touch wood every day. We are here because we like to see grandparents and grandchildren play together . We are to get smiles . We are here so that memories make us who we are . We are here because we believe that people are like trees: we have roots.

Handmade in Spain